Government Concessions and Benefits

As a welfare State the Government of India as well as the State governments offer wide variety of concessions and benefits to persons with mentally challenged. For each category of concessions apart from eligibility requirements, magnitude of the assistance, definition of the handicap, clear guidelines regarding application form, procedure of availing the benefit etc. are […]

Economic Laws

Law of Contracts According to sections 11 and 12 of the Indian Contract Act 1872, only a person of sound mind can enter into contract. A person is possessed of a sound mind if at the time of the contract he is capable of understanding it and of forming a rational judgment as to it’s […]

Marriage Laws

In India, the capacity of a person to marry is determined by personal law. There is no uniform civil code and the law relating to marriage differs from community to community. Each of these laws states that an "idiot" is incapable of marrying. However, the interpretation of "idiot" by court leaves some to marry. Yet […]

Job Opportunities

The dire need for people with mentally challenged is self-sufficiency and independence. They can achieve this through meaningful employment and also by developing there potential fully. This can be done through vocational training services or programmes which prepare the adult person with mentally challenged to enter the world of work. Some jobs may require minimum […]

Vocational Rehabilitation Facilities in India

Vocational rehabilitation or job placement for persons with mentally challenged requires intensive vocational training, which basically focuses on the individual as a productive worker. The process facilitates the individual’s potential for economic, social and personal independence or self- sufficiency. The nodal ministry of such services in our country is the Ministry of Labour and Employment. […]

Avenues for Employment

In the past, vocational training had no relationship with employment. Trades chosen had very low market value and the training imparted had no relation/similarities with the real work situation. Therefore, there have been a lot of cases of dropouts from jobs. Today, the need to select specific employment has been realized. The current trend is […]