Job Opportunities

The dire need for people with mentally challenged is self-sufficiency and independence. They can achieve this through meaningful employment and also by developing there potential fully. This can be done through vocational training services or programmes which prepare the adult person with mentally challenged to enter the world of work.

Some jobs may require minimum training; some may require more. But the jobs should be taken according to the capacity of the person and how much he can do.

Jobs with Minimum Guidance/Training:

  • Filing Assistant
  • Gardener
  • Petrol Pump Assistants
  • Cleaner
  • Help in Nurseries (Plant & Flowers)
  • Retiring Room Attendants
  • Helper

Jobs according to Personal Preferences/Talents that may require guidance:


Block Printing

Envelope Making


Candle Making

Duster Making



Flower Arrangement


Book Binding

Chalk Making


Card Making



Glass Painting/Painting

Making Namkeens, Sandwiches etc.




Jobs requiring more Formal Instruction/Guidance and Training:


STD/ISD Phone Booth attendant

Usherers (at Trade Fairs/Exhibitions etc.)


Petrol Pump Attendant

Theatre / Dance / Puppeteer


Beauty Parlour (Helper/ Manicurists / Hair stylists etc.)

Xeroxing / Laminating


Teacher’s Aid

Shop Assistants


Tailoring Garments

Helper / Waiter at Fast Food Outlets.



Peon, Office Assistants


Working in a factory / workshop

Selling cakes, tea etc.


Running their own small shop/stall etc.

Working and earning your own living not only helps to be financially independent, but also increases the self-esteem and confidence in a person.


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