Vatsalya NGO – Svk Shikshan Sanstha at a Glance

SVK Shikshan Sanstha, a registered NGO, Nagpur, India started the project VATSALYA with an objective to create an Inclusive Society for people with Special needs. An estimated 70 million people in India (6% of our population) identified as persons with disabilities, out of which only 2% see through school and only 1% gainfully employed. VATSALYA is a movement to engage youth and community at large on issues of inclusion, it is a journey to transform, and demonstrate real and positive impact, promoting inclusion within the communities.

Every person should have the chance of their own independence. It is the responsibility of the society to help people with special needs to get a chance at life that we all take for granted. A compassionate Society could help these children find their place in life and let them have opportunities. Just because some children look a little different, walk a little different, talk a little different, and act a little different, these children cannot be deprived of reaching goals and being productive in some manner.

We believe in working with the idea that the disability is not in the individual, but in the environment/system for its lack of ability to include all. Our work is to not only focus on the issues faced by persons with disabilities, but also to involve the community at large alongside.

VATSALYA is a movement to enable inclusion of persons with disabilities into the mainstream; unifying efforts, innovations, and solutions, with focus on education, workplaces, public places . Our approach is to reach various groups through many platforms- from web to social media, conferences, individuals, organizations, strategic planning, setting office of disability services in colleges/universities etc.