Vocational Rehabilitation Facilities in India

Vocational rehabilitation or job placement for persons with mentally challenged requires intensive vocational training, which basically focuses on the individual as a productive worker. The process facilitates the individual’s potential for economic, social and personal independence or self- sufficiency.

The nodal ministry of such services in our country is the Ministry of Labour and Employment. The Directorate General of Employment and Training has 18 vocational rehabilitation centers for persons with disability under its control, located at different parts of the country. (This includes for the persons with mentally challenged)

Additionally there are skill-training workshops at Ahmedabad, Bangalore and Madras and 5 rural extension rehabilitation centres. In addition to the vocational rehabilitation centres and vocational training centres, there are 15 sheltered workshops in India which provide training in assembly work, light engineering, weaving, carpentry, book binding, printing, cooking etc.

There are about 582 schools/institutions in the country out of which 310 institutions offer services to adults with disabilities. Nearly 200 special schools in the country also offer vocational training in candle making, envelope making, chalk making, handloom weaving and duster making. These vocations are seen more as instructions in craft and leisure time activities or rehabilitation rather than any serious training leading to employment. These may be looked upon as Occupational Training.

There are about 21 special employment exchange functioning at different cities with a basic aim to guide and monitor the job placement for persons with disabilities.