VINATI –Sensitization Programmes

Workshops and seminars shall be conducted to impart and enhance Sensitization towards people with special needs. Shall carry out activities aimed at sensitising students, working professionals, common citizens and relevant institutions in local communities.

Inviting volunteers to participate in this sensitization drive; while simultaneously sensitizing the volunteers to the concept of inclusion and other relevant themes like legislative rights, employability opportunities etc.  The main objective is to train the volunteers into agents of the sensitization programs.

SHAKTI – Life Skills Development Programmes

Provision of finishing, grooming and life skills development training in a well-equipped Life Skills Studio:

Life Skills Studio at Vatsalya is a unique and innovative concept with an objective to create productive environment designed to assist people with special needs. The primary focus is on developing daily living skills such as dressing, personal hygiene, safety, handling money and day-to-daydecision-making. Students are educated on workplace expectations, and special training programs that provide workplace trainingshall be held with a strong emphasis on social skills.

At Life Skills Studio, students will be given a weekly action plan to perform various activities in a live set up, and a well-equipped room. This shall allow the students to learn, practice and implement in day-to-day life.


Employment Cell: 
Prayukti aims at mainstreaming the stature of persons with disability through skill development and generating employment opportunities for them. It is also engaged in post placement follow-ups, and shall accordingly intervene to ascertain sustainable employment of people with special needs.

  • Prayukti adopts a threefold strategy to facilitate sustainable employment of differently abled individuals. It involves job mapping, in-house placement openings, and a job fair for people with special needs.
  • Job mapping involves the process, wherein, job opportunities for people with disabilities are tapped into; and then candidates are placed based on mapping of job requirements and the ability of differently abled candidates.

Under in-house placement, candidates shall be placed in various organizations by matching the requirements of various companies and the interested individual’s profile. Under this process, employment team acts as an interface between hiring corporate and differently abled candidates. A follow-up shall also be held with the placed candidates to be acquainted with their possible concerns and its management.

Prayukti encompasses Job fairs etc wherein, a single platform is provided to persons with disabilities and companies to aid the process of employment. In this initiative, Prayukti team provides potential employers / companies, a list of prospective candidates matching to the job profiles and act as a catalyst in selection of candidates / specially abled candidates.


Basic Training program: school going children between the age group of 14 to 18 years are enrolled for a specified period of duration of training. The course curriculum includes basics of IT skills and English. Post the successful completion of the course, the candidates are assessed and certified.

Corporate linked training program: This is directed towards adding value to the professional growth of differently abled candidates rather than providing a placement offer. Post completion of the program, candidates shall be assessed and certified.

Employability training program: wherein, focus is at both employability enhancement and employment generation of the trainees which is divided into four phases i.e. basic skill building, sector specific training, pre-employment module, and on the job training.

Various allied activities shall also be carried with an intent to create awareness. Activities include Motivational Sessions, Exposure Visits, Guest Lectures, Parents Workshop etc.


Family Support & Counseling Services

Raising a child with special needs poses many challenges for the family. The child as well as his/her family experiences trauma, grief, and stress stemming from a society which treats the differently abled individuals and their family as marginalised.VATSALYA offers professional Counselling support, Group Therapy and Advocacy.



Vocational Skill Development Center:

This comprehensive Work Skills Training Unit runs in similar approach as the academic stream, and centres on work skill acquisition through product manufacturing. The methodology adopted to impart these skills is suitable for all those whose academic options may be limited. It is designed as a therapy with potential to earn an independent livelihood.

On successful completion of the training, the students will be better equipped to pursue employment or take up work in:

  • Home-based employment
  • Join the family business
  • Individual entrepreneurship